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Like what we're doing? Drop us a dollar. Every dollar helps with the cost of materials and getting through the process of prototyping projects. Be sure to let us know which project you're directing it towards. This can greatly impact the date that a project gets released, and it shows us what you'd like us to spend more of our time and energy on.

In the Works

Board Game: Pursuit of the Goblin King™

    A semi-co-op fantasy game designed to feel like an RPG. 1-5 players. You can try the Print 'n' Play version or use your computer and join the playtest group. If you decide to try it, send us an email or join the facebook group so we can hear your thoughts and feedback. Playtesters will be the first to know about early bird specials. The computer version is run on Vassal, an easy to install, open-source program. A link for their download page is posted below as well.

      Print 'n' Play file
      Computer Version (You will need to install Vassal to use the computer version.)

    Since the virtual simulation can be played over the internet or offline, you can also request a time to play it with us or have us walk you through how to play.

2D animated short film: "The Waiting Place"™

    This family-friendly film follows a young man, who, after his death finds himself trapped in his apartment until Judgement Day, along with all the other people who had died there over the years. With each encounter, he learns the importance of relationships and what it means to live.
    Rated G

3D print project: Ninja Castle™

    Who needs a dollhouse when you can have a Ninja Castle™? The Ninja Castle™ is made out of interlocking pieces so you can customize your castle however you want. Each piece is modelled after real Chinese and Japanese architecture, bringing life to your Ninja Castle™. The only limit is your imagination. So, whether you're jealous of how much fun your sister has with her dollhouse, or you're a parent who wants something the whole family can enjoy, or you just want an amazing decorative structure to look at and maybe change now and then, the Ninja Castle™ is perfect for everyone!

Board Game: Dirigibles™

    Players work together to deliver cargo with their airships to and from different cities. But they are constantly pursued by thieves and pirates who want to steal their cargo (or their crew members). With a vast array of maps to navigate, unpredictable weather, and a variety of events, teamwork becomes a crucial element in dealing with adversaries while still getting the job done.
    Traditional-style, strategy-based co-op board game for 1–6 players.

Video Game

    Multi-player RPG appealing to both sci-fi and fantasy lovers.

2D animated feature film

    A child makes a terrible mistake. He must come to terms with it while working with those he's affected to face the evil that lies in wait for all of them.
    Rated PG for some action violence and thematic elements.

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